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About Us

About Us

As a Doctor I am always the first port of call for my friends and family whenever they need medical advice or find themselves facing a serious diagnosis, and as a doctor the colleagues I seek out and recommend are always based on their clinical experience, proven excellence in their field and the knowledge and depth of research they have done.

For medics and non-medics such knowledge and objective evaluation is not easy to seek out and interpret when attempting to find ‘the best doctor,’ for your loved ones during what is a stressful and emotional time.

It was these experiences that developed into ‘Sapien Medica’ – a virtual hospital of carefully selected medical clinicians – the best in their field from around the world, available to anyone through one online platform.

Together with an experienced team of medics and IT professionals we have developed a safe and secure, cutting-edge online platform enabling you to easily search and find the best doctors from around the world to discuss your healthcare concerns.

As well as servicing our patients, we also offer customized healthcare packages and management systems for businesses and corporate employees.

It’s my determination and belief that Sapien Medica will revolutionize healthcare across the world by offering the best standard of healthcare to everyone wherever they may be, empowering them to make the best possible decision with the best possible outcome for their health.

Dr. Sanjeev Silva

Founder & Chief Medical Officer